E a r t h S h a r i n g  D i a l o g 

The first EARTH sharing Dialog took place @ Kunsthall 3.14, Bergen (N) 23.06.2018
Initiated by Vibeke Jensen and Dino Karabeg w/invited protagonist David Price

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'Dialog' comes from the Greek word dialogos. Logos means 'the word' or the 'meaning of the word' and dia means 'through' - it doesn't mean two. A dialogue can be among any number of people, not just two. Even one person can have a sense of dialogue within himself, if the spirit of the dialogue is present.
David Bohm: On Dialogue

The EARTH sharing dialog at Kunsthall 3.14 is activated by the interplay between the public and invited participants and a series of interventions: A Situationist informed constructed situation supported by discursive or performative objects or props aim at informing and liberating habitual thought and behavior and stimulating change through direct dialog and spatial encounters. The interventions start in the public space in front of the building and on the facade, and continue up through the central staircase into the former bank lobby and vault. Invited protagonists engage the visitors in dialog supported and sometimes prompted by these spatial interventions.
Situation 1- welcoming commoning: Paradigm Shift / / EARTH sharing
We can change course from unsustainable to thriving [...] A deep shift in how we live and think happened on every level - we share and distribute rather than hold on to and amass power. Through freedom from spectacular consumption, a new freedom of thought and action has emerged. By realizing a shared global identity, we recognize that everything is connected - we embody others' prosperity and struggles, and the Earth's wellbeing as our own. This universal insight is simply named EARTH sharing.

Situation 2 - transcending: BOTTOM-UP-TOP-DOWN
Scaling understood as the change of scale, for example from small and local to large and global, and scaling understood as surmounting and climbing [...] A reflective intervention reads BOTTOM-UP when ascending and TOP-DOWN when descending the main staircase, while a hovering sphere anchored in the coordinates of Bergen depicts a borderless planet. These interventions are tools for shifting positions. They suggest a transcendence of fixed relations between top and bottom and build awareness of the benefit of multiple points of view and moving in-between.

Situation 3 - shift-enter: Pyramid
The key point dialog resembles a collective climb to a mountaintop, from where we can see clearly the direction we want and need to follow [...] The Pyramid is a tool to discuss power structures and spatial occupation - you can engage the various positions, points of view and hierarchical models offered by its subtractive shape and relate them to the objective of EARTH sharing.

Situation 4 - many small dialogs:
We need to organize and comprehend what we already know [...] Like all living organism, EARTH sharing is in constant development. EARTH labs are meeting places where knowledge and experience are shared, and ideas of how to further the wellbeing of the Earth are discussed.

Situation 4a - the elephant in the room:
the objective is to overcome the difficulties that our present way of evolving as society has led us to, and begin to evolve in a radically better way [...] The oversized mirror letters spell EARTH upside down and introduce a radically different point of view. From the inside, the letters serve as blackboards to decipher what the elephant might be.

Situation 4b - naming and planting a seed:
it is about well being, liberation, transformation [...] The Roundtable wedges have soil compartments equipped with labels and seeds to encourage collective concepts to sprout, and to recognize similarities and accept differences as natural parts of an undivided whole.

Situation 4c - magical mirror:
introducing knowledge federation [...] The massive door to the former bank vault reveals a magical mirror that lets you discover that you are not an objective observer of the world, but a creative and responsible participant. The vault is turned into a SAFE Space for the most liberating revelations of how to be part of a global solution.

Situation 5 - roundtable dialog:
the evolution of a 'collective mind' capable of integrating the best insights of our best minds, historical and living, and engage our 'collective intelligence' to co-create and maintain state-of-the-art understanding of core issues. [...] The intervention provides opportunities to interrelate all knowledge to recapture a sense of the whole. When put together, the wedges create a Roundtable for key Dialogs where top-level insights and knowledge can be shared.

Situation 6 - to be continued:
the usual approaches to contemporary issues, where we undertake to solve problems or avoid disasters within the prevailing order of things or paradigm, have a viable alternative in a thorough recreation of that paradigm [...] EARTH lab Bergen is part of an online network closely related to the concepts of Polyscopy and Knowledge Federation. You are now part of an ongoing dialog that continues in each individual and between everyone involved. The core concepts and insights of this Dialog can be found at the knowledgefederation website.